Question battery replacement MacBook 2013

Thanks, I know iFixit and its products, I saw already this battery but some reviews are not good.
I ask myself if It's possible some vendors sell battery as genuine OEM original battery, see for example:

I know Apple cannot sell its product.
How is't possible ?
You can take it to them and they’ll replace it. You can also go to an authorised provider and they’ll do it.


Get a Ninjabatt battery. I spent a lot of time pouring over battery reviews before I decided on this brand for my 2015 MBP. As their batteries seemed good across many different laptops and external battery packs.

Now there’s always going to be some bum units. So. take the complaints with a grain of salt. the review average is very good. The reviews also came up clean with fake review scanners and my manual random spot checking.

Overall they seemed the most reliable. So far, I’m quite happy with my purchase. The easiest way to get past the battery adhesive is using dental floss. Not the nasty solvents some people use. There’s YouTube videos demonstrating how to use floss on the battery.