Question Battlefield 3 not using all gpue


It's not a problem. You misunderstand fps and usage.

Fps is cpu. It pre-renders all frames. It places objects, decides movements, AI, interactive etc. That fps limit is what gets sent to the gpu. The gpu only adds color and features according to details and resolution.

If the cpu only gives 100fps to the gpu, there's absolutely nothing the gpu can do to raise that number, only lower it.

Both the cpu and gpu work at 100% ability. Usage is the amount of resources used to get that 100%. If you put a nail into the wall, that act might use every muscle in your arm to swing the hammer, but you do not need to use all the strength in your arm to do so.

The gpu is 100%, it does not need to use 100% of its vram, 100% of its bandwidth, 100% of its power consumption etc in order to put out 100% of the frames it can per second.