News BBCube 3D Memory Claimed to Offer 4x the Bandwidth of HBM2E

A similar concept was also worked on before, in 2022, although not same, but it was described as Bumpless Build Cube (BBCube) using Wafer-on-Wafer (WOW) and Chip-on-Wafer (COW) for Tera-Scale Three-Dimensional Integration (3DI).

This was a quite interesting research paper though. Worth giving a read. Bumpless interconnect tech increased the number of TSVs per chip due to the finer TSV pitch and the lower impedance of bumpless TSV interconnects.

So when wafers with micrometer thickness were stacked, the total thickness was reduced, and the transistor capacity increased in proportion to the number of wafers.

Increasing the TSV interconnects density enabled terabyte-level bandwidth without sacrificing energy efficiency

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Jun 30, 2023
Sounds interesting in theory but can they implement this without any complications? Heat should not be that much of an issue imo