[SOLVED] Beep while playing

Dec 22, 2018
Hi guys. I set up a new computer recently and from time to time I hear beeps from it.
it is not beep like when turns the computer on. It doesn't come from the motherboard speaker. It is something more quiet but I still can hear it, very annoying.
It usually starts when I`m playing games and then keeps beeping for long time.
I have:
Asus Z390 TUF Gaming Wifi
I7 8700k
G Skill 16GB 3200mhz
RTX 2070 Gigabyte
EVGA 240 watercooling

My graphic cards temp goes maximum 75C.
Don't know about RAM and CPU but I have set up their light colors according to their temperatures. They display green and yellow light colors that means it is less than 60C.

Beep sounds like
when playing: 3beeps, pause, 3 beeps, pause,....
when I close game: it changes to 1beep, pause, 1beep, pause, ....

By the way, when I turn my computer ON, I hear from motherboard speaker 1 beep (OK) and then, after BIOS, I hear 3 beeps ... (don`t know what are these 3 beeps after bios)..

Could anyone please help me. Really worried as computer is new.

It doesn't have anything to do with the diagnostic beep odes if that is what you are concerned with. Those are complete when the BIOS screen loads (prior to Windows startup.

There are other standard Windows sound effects as well.
Dec 22, 2018

Hi terry4536,

Thanks for your answer. I disabled the Windows notifications sounds but beep sound continue.
I don't think it is windows 10 notification as this sound comes from inside computer and not through my headset which is connected.
I restarted computer and will check if beeps start again. (it always come back)
There is another possibility. The case fans when they begin to fail can produce a chirping sound as the fan bearing momentarily seizes. But it wouldn't be that consistent.

The game can have sound effects too. Perhaps it is a notification within the game (an ad for example).

After the operating system loads there shouldn't be any beeps coming from the motherboard. I don't know what you have installed in the system, but I don't know of any other component that beeps.

But if you want to be absolutely sure, then simply remove the case speaker. After that you would need to look at any installed component that has a diagnostic .

There are things that can emit noise in the PC like HDD noise. And there are inductors, VRM's , capacitors and coils that can emit noise. But they wouldn't sound like a beep. Coil whine is a high pitched whine or squealing noise for example.