Belkin N1 Vision vs Virgin Media Super Hub


Nov 23, 2010
This morning I ordered the new 100mbps Virgin Media internet connection, I'm currently on 50mbps.

The Super Hub is a Virgin Media exclusive.

The Belkin N1 Vision is an awesome router, I have it in my basement, wired to my main computer, although upstairs, the people who use the computer upstairs sometimes lose connection when I'm playing CoD or downloading things, if I'm not doing anything on the wired computer it's generally fine upstairs, my question is..
How does the Super Hub compare to the Belkin N1 Vision as I fear any loss in connection area would affect the upstairs computer pretty badly.
Putting the router in a different place, between each computer and running them both wirelessly is NOT an option. I don't want to run my main computer wirelessly. Another thing, I don't know if the ethernet cables on the Belkin support up to 100mbps, I believe they do though, can anyone confirm this for me?
So yeah, to cut it short.
Belkin N1 Vision vs Virgin Media Super Hub, which one provides better wireless and wired connection?


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