Question Best 850W PSU for around 100$?

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Mar 14, 2020
Ok. You need to get it COMPLETELY out of your head that those LC Power's are ANYTHING like the TX-M. I talked to a guy last night. The LC-Power isn't even the same PCB, never mind not the same components. It's a single layer PCB (TX-M is dual) with all cost down components. The only thing that is similar between the two is where they place the components. Nothing more.
Ah, okay, i've just mixed TX-m and CS-m, again. Great Wall's ATX850BL apparently, were there some modifications on CS-m regarding to GW's implementation ?
Sep 17, 2020
Basically I was saying that the priority should be for a good PSU. I didn't know what your timeframe was, or anything, and I was concerned that maybe you were prioritizing the GPU over the PSU.

But, all that aside, I think going easy on the system for now with the existing PSU might not be a bad idea, and see how things hash out with reports on the Seasonic PSUs with Ampere. And since you're looking for getting the GPU in the end of 2020 to beginning of 2021 time frame, you have time to keep an eye on prices for PSUs.
Hey man, I actually found a Corsair RM750X for 134€ and a RM850X for 137€. Do you think i should get the 850 since the price is almost the same?