Question Best budget CPU fan for i5 12600k under $65

Used to have one.

Excellent if it will fit.

Research your case specifications to determine if it will accept a cooler as tall as a U12S.

Go to Noctua to find out the height of the U12S. I think it is about 159 mm, but you need to confirm that.


Yes and no. The Arctic comes in several color options, has higher capacity, but otherwise performs roughly the same as the Noctua. If you had any thoughts of locking the cores or other OC, it will perform better because of its higher capacity, but for a stock 12600k, that's not a benefit.

Because of the wattage output, most of the better coolers will run roughly the same, even the big brother NH-D15, it's only when wattage is increased that the bigger capacity coolers have a distinct advantage over smaller.

It's a very good, relatively cheap option is all.
The U12S Redux Is an okay cooler but I find it too expensive. It is basically similar to a $20-30 tower cooler (120mm, 4 heatpipe, bare silver) but with a better fan and a WAY steeper price tag. Its performance for the money is rather unimpressive.

It might do the trick for a 12600k but I would reccomend something better so there is more thermal headroom.

This would be my pick. 2 more heatpipes, an extra fan, and way more heatsink. And its $37.30