Question Best/cheapest "quick fix" option for upgrade


Aug 31, 2012
So, my son's PC (my old one) with a GTX 970, is still running fairly strong, with most games pre 2020. But, newer games, like Elden Ring, and the new Modern Warfare, and im sure a few more, are either not able to run at all, or are almost unplayable, super slow, etc. And I am looking to find the cheapest and best "quick fix " option, so at least more modern games will play well, even if medium/lower settings.

Yes, the whole PC will need to be built up to be great again, but money is tight now. My guess is to just try and get at least a more up to date graphics card. And I am thinking a 3060. But perhaps there is another option, that will be cheaper and still give much more performence than the current 970 he has. Im trying to keep my cost definitely under $400. But, if there is an option for say.,.$150-$250 that would be even better.

Obviously, the CPU MOBO, and RAM have to be considered. Thats why I dont think going for a 70/80 would be worth it. He will be gaming still in 1080p. I will link the CPU/MOBO/RAM info below. ANy ideas what the best route to go, appreciated. ty!
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