Best Cpu + motherboard combo around $200


Nov 28, 2014
Hello I want to build a pc, and I have all the gear, but need a mobo and cpu, I can buy used I don't mind, I want something good for under $200. I want to sell them, so something that is favored by gamers. currently cheap motherboards that I find are Lga 1150. and for cpu's i7 920 which don't fit. but both have expensive other parts. I found i7 920 with motherboard around 130 used. Should I go for something else? Would you buy lga 1150 for extra $100? I'm going to sell my pc for $700 if I buy the i7 920, if I buy i5-i7 with lga 1150 I would do $800. Which one would go faster and which is worth more.
Gpu: HD 7970 3gb
PSU: Antec HCG 850m (850W)


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