Question Best Debloat Tool - 2019


Jul 11, 2013

I am looking for a new debloat tool for the Windows 10 operating system. I just did a clean install to build 17763 and found my old tool no longer works. I want to make Windows 10 more akin to Windows 7. IE: no telemetry, remove bloatware amps, disable cortana, disable edge pdf, disable microsoft push notifications and ads, etc.

I see alot of solutions using powershell, well I may go this route I would prefer a bundled program over typing in code lines!

Thank you!

Math Geek

anti-beacon is nice but it won't remove aps, deal with cortana and so on. it will stop telemetry and others along those lines.

command line is probably the best way to go about it. it'll suck the first time but as you input one command at a time and it does what you want it to do is confirmed, then put it into a text file and start your own batch file.

when finished with all the tweaks save the text file as whatever.bat and then you'll not have to input them all again. next update simply run the bat file and it'll make all the changes for you in one shot. this should include removing all the bloat apps, disabling cortana and so on.

there are actually a couple options like that has already made the batch file for you to run. though i've not checked it out fully to know its limits or bugs

another option is to disable auto-update and wait for the iso to come out. then use something like NTLite to create an install iso with all that stuff removed. not only will it slim down the install size but the iso can be used over and over until the next iso comes out on any number of pc's. it is easy to learn and has a lot of support from user community. it can also save the changes made to the iso for the next use in the future so you don't have to manually make all the changes again. good luck.

a good source for services you can disable/remove is black vipers site. he's done a lot of the leg work already so you can just pick a category and start disabling :)