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Nov 12, 2012
When i first put together my computer i used a razer naga molten. After using it for several weeks it started to die and it would not move correctly, so I contacted razer for a replacement. After receiving my replacement mouse it worked fine until earlier today, when it started doing the exact same thing my old mouse did before it died. For this reason I am looking for a new gaming mouse that is not from Razer. I am really looking for one with thumb buttons because I have gotten so used to playing games using them that I can not use my keyboard keys anymore. I would also prefer a wired one because of delay etc.

So far I have found:

Logitech G600 ( Logitech G600 : )

Corsair M90 ( )

I'm sure that there are other mice like this out there, if you know of any feel free to post a link. Also, do RAT mice have many mouse buttons for gaming and are they reliable?

If it helps, i mostly play League of Legends right now.


from what i've heard the rat mice due to their adjustable design are quite fragile. i've seen quite a few posts about rat mice breaking or having issues. just thought i would share that information.

i purchased the logitech g600 for tera. the mouse seemed to perform well but i ended up returning it because i could just not deal with all of the buttons on the side. i found it impossible to click the right ones at the right time. however, since you are already used to the naga molten i think you should be alright.

i had a look at the m90. some people like how the buttons are not all in a line but i would think this would be strange to use in practice. from playing around with one in store i thought the grid pattern would be a better choice.

i've heard of some slight issues but both are likely better than razer.


Jun 25, 2011
It is certainly a matter of personal preference and opinion, but I actually found the button placement on the M90 to be very natural. Your thumb rests in a blank area without buttons from which you can press any of the 9 buttons on the side, each of which are textured and shaped slightly different, and arranged so that getting at them is quick and precise. The sniper button was a huge plus for me. Placing buttons in a grid (like the naga) seems very unergonomic and I would think it would be hard to differentiate between buttons.

The M90 mouse isn't perfect by any means though. It takes a lot of pressure to press the side buttons, some requiring you to brace the mouse on the right with your pinkie/side of your hand and use the tip of your thumb to press the button. I find that usually only 6 of the 9 side buttons are reasonably accessible, with the other 3 taking considerable effort to reach. After a little while, it became second nature though, and does help eliminate accidental key presses.

I find it very heavy, though I prefer a high DPI and don't lift, so it's a non-issue. The wheel is fast and feels loose at the beginning, though it is actually very precise. The shape is very comfortable, but only once you get used to it, which took me a few weeks.

Note the M95 is the M90s successor, and seems like a better, though more expensive mouse. It has a higher DPI (5700 vs 8200). Perhaps Corsair made the buttons easier to press as well, not sure.

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