Best GPU to use with a I5 6500 With a budget of <£400


Aug 7, 2017
Hi all,

I think i have asked this question before but i am still quite confused and i would like to double check my options before purchasing my new card so sorry if this feels like Spam. As i may have said in previous posts i don't have a GPU and have had to use my iGPU for about 3 months now. i will hopefully be buying a new one either next month or the month after. I have a budget of £400 i can't go above and i will be playing at 1080p but i might buy a 1440p monitor during black Friday so i would need a one that's capable of 1440p and 1080p i would like to play in High/ultra and 60fps as usual. i will be playing all types of games RTS like war hammer for example Racing sims AAA games and some eSports. I would like to have a card that would work well with my current cpu and won't show and which wont bottleneck ( if that still happens).

Again sorry for asking the same question (s) but i am quite bad at making decisions especially when making such a big purchase.

My Current specs:

i5 6500
16gb DDR4
600W Corsair PSU bronze certified
ASUS Intel Lga1151 H110 Plus DDR4 Atx Motherboard
S340 elite case
Many Thanks