Best laptop for €300

Jan 28, 2021
I need a laptop for school. You know for like microsoft word and stuff and just to watch youtube and netflix.
Hi ayoubiee,

The tasks you described are quite easily runnable on any device. If you are looking for a new laptop I would recommend any laptop with Windows 10 and 8GB of RAM should be more than enough. Core i3 / i5 / i7 or even Celeron doesn't matter. They all can handle that stuff easily. Oh also an SSD as your primary drive with your OS and necessary programs on it i.e. MS Office, etc...

However if you are going for a used one, I would always recommend a ThinkPad. They are the best BANG FOR THE BUCK out there in used or refurbished category. Just a few cheapo upgrades and its going to be awesome.

Hope that helps. Cheers! ✌✌
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