Question Best laptop/ultrabook around 400 EUR (440 USD)


Dec 20, 2018
Hello, I need a cheap notebook/ultrabook. My budget is around 300 or 400 Euro (330 or 440 USD). My needs are basic. I don't use it for gaming, the most important software for me would be MS Office and to do some simple video editing of the videos of my vacations (but nothing serious...)
For me it must be LIGHT AND HANDY, first of all. And possibly robust and not easy to break. I like Asus in general, but I am open to any suggestions. What would you recommend?


Dec 23, 2016
Hello, I personally recommend going with a used business grade laptop like the t460 because most cheap new laptops around your price are build with very bad build quality and low end parts. If you bought a used T460 for around $400 USD on ebay with an i5 then it would be more powerful and the build quality of those laptops are extremely good with metal frames and very good plastic. The T460 will also last many years longer than most new laptops because of the better performance and build quality as T series Lenovo Thinkpads are some of the best laptops on the market.

The T460 only weighs only 3.8 lbs and it is not the thinest laptop but it is very portable and just the right size in my opinion. The t460 also has an 8 hour battery life with the 3 cell battery and internal and the extended battery gives 17 hours of battery life (these are new batteries so it will be a bit shorter but not much.

If you really want something pretty thin, you could go with the t460s, however that does sacrifice some battery life from the t460 (7 hours) and it is about the same price as a t460.

If want something new which I don't recommend as much but can still be a good option if you need even more thin and light, I recommend the Lenovo Ideapad 3 14" with ryzen 5 3500u. This laptop only has a 5 and a half hour battery life but I have used many of these and they have pretty good build quality way better than most new cheap laptops but not as good as a Thinkpad.