Question Best Method to charge battery?

Mar 5, 2019
Guys, I want to ask which option is better to prolong this laptop battery and make the battery healthier (regardless the performance).
Opt. 1: keep conservation mode on and plug in the laptop all the time of usage
Opt. 2: discharge charger at 60% and use until 40% and manually charge again.
Thank you guys in advance.
I have Lenovo Legion Y539 i7 8750h and gtx1060, 8gb 2666, 16+1tb hdd
U ask 10 people and will get 10 different answers (opinions).

I suggest don't obsess about it, discharge it once in a while even if you never take it out of the house. When you are done for the day and is already fully charged or nearly fully charged, just unplug it for the night.
The lifespan of lithium batteries is primarily determined by number of charge/discharge cycles. So you're best off leaving it plugged in whenever you can.

In theory the battery will last the longest if you keep it between 40-80%. So you could charge it to 60% or so and then remove the battery (if that's easy to do) when running on AC power.

I wouldn't sweat it too much one way or the other though.