Question Best mother board for 5600x?

Nov 22, 2020
I am looking into the 150$ish range and I have 2 options in mind:

asrock x570 pro4 : t-topology (can run 4 sticks and OC) and I can get it at a price close to the gigabyte one.
gigabyte b550m aorus pro - cheap and good to go with 2 sticks

Basically, I don't mind spending extra for having the t topology board so I can run 4 sticks and enjoy dual-rank memory benefits at low res gameplay, even though these are unsignificant.
I read a lot (maybe too much?) regarding the b550m aorus pro and I can't really tell - this board is good enough to run a 5600x? Will it allow me to XMP a 3600MHz CL16 kit to maybe 3800MHz 1900FCLK?
I don't really mind the dual-rank since I've seen tests where tuned x2 single rank memory has amazing performance so It is less of an issue. Is it the best b550m option?

My only goals are XMPing the memory and maybe play with the timings, and running the 5600x on turbo mode (so will the aorus pro vrm suffice?)
Dec 4, 2020
Well i´ve looked at the official site of gigabyte regarding the b550m and i really dont see any reference of xmp or supported memory speed up to xxxx, so i wouldnt bet my money on that it does support up to 3600mhz or 3800. But who knows, maybe they arent just bragging about it.

I personally would have waited and get ASUS ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING for around 150€ B boards on amd are allowed to oc.