Question Best new Gaming PC for 1500?

Jun 22, 2019
Right now I'm considering building a new PC for 4k/VR gaming. Some of my hardware is pretty state-of-the-art but my CPU and RAM are kind of dated. What's the best suite of components I can get for 1500?

Since I already have the following components I won't need a new:
-Power Supply (already have Evga 1300 supernova)
-Storage (SSD/HDD) (already have two 256gb 3.5SSDs and a 512mb Samsung 970 pro)

So for 1500-2000, what's the best CPU, Motherboard, Video Card, Graphics Card, and RAM that I can get?

For the graphics card, I already have two GTX 1080s (not Ti) in SLI. Are there any GPU setups that can deliver substantially more performance than this?
Wait for the new AMD stuff to be released, the Ryzen 3800X benchmark leak is a good sign just how powerful the Ryzen 3 chips will be and Navi is looking to offer really good graphics for the price. Intel is also dropping all there CPU prices by 15% soon.

As far as your SLI cards, sorry to say but SLI is not really a good option anymore, and the performance gains will be minimal to none or in some cases worse. You really need a 1080ti for 60FPS 4k or better yet a 2080ti for stable 60FPS 4k gaming.