Question Best option for displays setup when limited on graphics card outputs ?


Jul 9, 2018
Im working with a Nvidia 2070 FE and im trying to set it up so that I can have a 3 monitor setup as well as being able to run my VR headset without needing to crawl under my desk to remove and replace Displayport cables.

My main issue is the 3rd monitor is not the same as the first two which are the same. The two monitors are the same, Acer monitors running 1920 x 1080 at 144hz (cant remember the model number, but i know for a fact they dont daisy chain because they dont have any output ports). The perspective 3rd monitor is a tv i was using for console gaming, but would like to run as a 3rd monitor for chats and other small form tasks, only switching to console input when needed.
However the problem is that the 2070 FE only has 2 DP and 1 HDMI ports. And sadly my budget at this time does not allow for me to get another of the same monitors, or a graphics card with 3 DP and 1 HDMI port.

The current setup is that one of the Acers is on DP, the other is on HDMI, and the aforementioned VR headset (Index) is on the last DP.
No matter how you slice it the only way to get my tv to work is to give up the vr as dedicated and have to deal without the second Acer monitor when i VR game (which is not ideal at all)

What i would like is to see if there is an option where i can run both my Acer monitors off of the same DP port, without losing any noticeable input latency, without losing the 144hz refresh rate. To also keep the vr plugged in on the other DP port and have the TV as the 3rd monitor.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for accomplishing this, your input is greatly appreciated. Tech to do this, monitor recommendations and setups are all welcome


Jun 14, 2014
DP in theory can be daisy-chained, but I'm not sure if your monitors support it.
If you only want to use the 3rd monitor as general display adapter, there are USB-based solutions. While they might not offer the performance for high refresh rate, they're still able for 1080p, those that connect natively over USB-C (via USB 3.1) can do 1080p60 and 4k30 without issues.
For a simple display to shot chats and similar things that don't require high refreshrates, low latency or accurate color representation, that should be good enough.