Question Best RTX3090 brand/model?


Aug 23, 2019
What do you think is the best RTX3090 available atm? (not including the new EVGA RTX3090 Kingpin or other hybrid cards, cos I don't want to get one with with radiator)

I'm guessing it would be one of these 3:
Asus RTX3090 Strix OC or Gigabyte RTX3090 Aorus Xtreme or MSI RTX3090 Suprim X

I'm leaning towards MSI Suprim X atm cos it's the largest(and also bit newer than other two) so probably offer best cooling performance.
But Asus Strix model's got the highest clock speed and the best vrm (vrm on Strix is 1080amp, 18 phase but Suprim is 850amp, 17 phase - not sure about Gigabyte)

Not really interested in slightly better performance or best overclocking capability or the looks/rgb, but I want the quietest and coolest running card at stock settings cos I'm not play with settings or overclock the card.
If you have any of these cards, and user feedback would be much appreciated.

p.s. just curious but anyone know the default power(TDP) and the max power limit on Asus Strix and Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme?
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You may not have realized this, but what you want overlaps with the things you're not really interested in...
The coolest card is going to sustain higher boost clocks, but there's a wild card in the mix: YOU, by way of fan noise you're comfortable with at a given speed. That's one variable that needs to be accounted for.
Most people don't run their fans at 100%, even though they're designed around it.
Even with custom fan profiles: the Msi card at 60% may be louder than the Gigabyte one at the same speed, vice versa, or things of that nature.

Fan size. 100mm can typically be run quieter than 90mm.

The vendors don't use universal fan profiles for stock fan operation either. That's another variable.

There's also the matter of power limits. Higher power limits means more heat, which warrants beefier cooling.
Strix OC, 480w
Suprim X, 450w
From here, it looks like the Aorus Xtreme is also 450w
On paper, the Suprim X and Aorus Xtreme would be the coolest. In practical application, that may not be the case.

Unless you're able to get all 3 on hand and test yourself, there's no way to know.

This is a pretty niche card too, so you may not get too many replies from actual owners.
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I have some beef with Asus. They overcharge for many of their products, especially their ROG brand. I'm not saying the other vendors don't do it with some of their products either, but they're less conspicuous about it.
Their motherboards are like the best thing going for them; the most user-friendly bios out of them all. The pricing is easier for me to swallow because of that.
But I've also heard their CS support isn't great either... might have something to do with how big they've become.

I love dragons, so I like Msi's dragon motif really appeals to me... the company reputation is in a gray area though.

Gigabyte's had a pretty positive reputation as of late, but I'm not a fan of the Eagle motif.

1)Suprim X
2)Aorus Xtreme
3)ROG Strix