Best setup for extending range

Jun 6, 2018
Hi everyone. thanks in advance.

I have a home with a large basement apartment. The modem/router from the cable company is located in the basement shared laundry room in a cabinet with cat5 cables that terminate in the apartments rooms. There is a thick concrete wall that separates the laundry room and the apartment and according to the tenant it is difficult to get a signal at the back of the apartment. What is the best solution? Is there a "wired" solution that utilizes a range extender or a separate router in bridge mode? The tenant says he has an apple wi fi extender plugged in to one of the cat 5 outlets but that makes no sense to me unless there is a device on the modem end? I thought an extender only connects wirelessly and the cat 5 port is for admin.
The term " externder" is used way to generically by manufactures so it confuses people.

What they are doing is running the device as a AP when they connect it via ethernet. Many of these devices can run in multiple modes but unfortunately not all can run in all modes. Most times devices people think of as extenders are wifi repeaters.

Using a AP is the best solution to get optimum wifi coverage and is the solution used by large companies.

Almost any router can be run as a AP but it sounds like they have already solved the issue if the apple device can run as AP