Best SSDs 2019: From Budget to Blazing Speed

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Dec 24, 2006
Concerning power-loss protection, we have found that a quality UPS, like the APC brand models, are the best overall way to protect an entire system against power losses. When an entire system is protected, then each component enjoys the same protection. In turn, one can save some money that would otherwise be spent on an enterprise-class SSD that has its own circuitry to survive a power loss. Most good UPS battery backup units come with a USB feedback cable and software that supports user selection of key parameters like voltage sensitivity, audible alarm enable/disable, how long to run on battery after a blackout, and such. That software should trigger a "soft" OS shutdown when the remaining battery charge reaches a user-specified minimum. The one annoying limitation of most consumer UPS units is that each unit's shutdown software only controls a single PC, even though the mid-sized UPS units e.g. 1500VA can easily power 2 or 3 desktop PCs. Thus, this limitation means that a consumer will need to purchase one UPS unit for each PC that needs this kind of power-loss protection. Hope this helps.


May 7, 2015
Guys ever heard of "HP Z Turbo Drive Dual Pro 512GB SSD" PN 4YF61AA?
Seems that not even google knows much about it, not even review. Found it for 150-190eur in some shops here but HP official lists it at 699$ so not really sure what to think of it.

Adata would be better choice but I'm on AM3+ with no M2 (GA-990FXA-UD3, waiting for zen2) so could use only PCIE drive, thought not even sure nvme would boot on this mobo.