Bf3 input lag on pc


Dec 20, 2011
The past few days i have had terrible input lag in bf3 to the point where i need to click the same key more than once to get it to work and ghosting problems also im even having times where i burst my finger for long range shots and my gun only does one shot, this only happens when playing bf3 and seems to have only started happening after i changed my settings from medium with ultra textures no aa to ultra with no aa and switched from a 7770 2gb to a 660ti. i lowered it to high settings and no change, my card never breaks over 71c and my cpu tops around mid 50s. possible driver problem? server lag? any comments would be appreciated.


Dec 7, 2013
I too have the same problem. I have a completely capable system to run BF3 but I immediately get Input lag to the extreme. At least 5-6 seconds lag! I've tried turning off the Origin in-game overlay and that cut the lag to about 3-4 seconds. I've noticed it tends to get worse when you have a high player count server.