[SOLVED] Bios and driver updates effecting gaming restart issue

Sep 4, 2021
I'm hoping someone can offer some advice to help me narrow down my problem. I can't figure out if my issue is a hardware fault specifically, but updating the bios and drivers for my motherboard seems to impact the issue so I'm thinking that may be the culprit.

For several weeks I've had a problem of my PC restarting suddenly sometimes when gaming. The main points:
  • PC components are several months old. No issues before, but I don't have spare parts to try so I would need to buy parts to try replacing (warranty isn't a thing where I live).
  • It definitely isn't temperature related, and HW Monitor doesn't show any power/other issues I can see (with my limited knowledge).
  • No BSOD, nothing useful in windows events, effects multiple games.
  • When I updated the BIOS firmware the problem went away for 2 weeks, then got progressively worse again.
  • I updated the drivers for the motherboard today to the proper ones from MSI's website and it got worse.
  • While tinkering I noticed windows reports my ram speed wrong. When I changed it manually in the BIOS it made the problem much worse, so I set it back to auto and it went back to kind of bad. Tried reseating RAM, no change.

Components are:
  • MSI MAG B550M Mortar WIFI
  • Ryzen7 3700X
  • iGame RTX3070
  • Adata Spectrix D60 16gb
  • Gigabyte 650W PSU

I don't mind having to replace a part, but at this point I could be replacing part after part and not fixing the issue because I can't really be sure if it is the motherboard. I would be very grateful for any advice even if it helps me to rule out certain components.
Thanks in advance.
Sep 4, 2021
use msi afterburner and lower power limit there..say 80%
replacing your PSU with someting better quality would be your second option
Thanks, I'll give it a try and see how it goes. If it turns out the PSU is the problem is there a particular brand or wattage you recommend? I have looked at how much power my pc might be drawing but i'm far from proficient in understanding the details.