Question BIOS and Keyboard not working on Lenovo Legion Y720-15IKB ?


Sep 11, 2019
Please checkout THESE PHOTOS and THIS VIDEO for explanation of the problem.
TL/DR: Laptops keyboard is not working (but lights up upon boot), cannot enter the BIOS/UEFI (always falls to Boot Manager)

Laptop: Lenovo Legion Y720-15IKB

any idea whats wrong? Should I replace keyboard? The keyboard lights up upon boot though.. so maybe its working? What about the inability to enter BIOS though ?
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Jan 4, 2023
Same problem here. I've done everything possible. to no avail. The only thing at least if you want the pretty lights you can look on YOUTUBE how to instsall Lenovo's nerve center to control the lights. About the other problem. I upgraded to Windows PRO to be able to play with Virtualization software. And no long after I noticed the problem. Did you do anything like that or remembered anything strange happening that triggered that problem? we also had a pretty bad storm before that. So that might have been it. BTW the external keyboard with internal keyboard disconnected didn't help. Still boots to boot manager. I have tried stripping to basic components. Reseting the CMOS battery. One time I got it to work again by resetting the CMOS battery at random times and that seemed to have triggered a glitch in the BIOS that let me dissable quick boot and that helped me being able to go in the BIOS a few times. Even then, the keyboard didn't work, and one time I got the keyboard to work by again unplugging and plugging the battery and CMOS battery. I don't recommend anyone doing that, but I did it. I told someone about it . and they said it could not have been the BIOS. I think is the BIOS but well, you know. The keyboard is fixed to the palmrest and I really don't think the keyboard is the problem, otherwise, disconnecting the internal keyboard and connecting an external keyboard should be able to let you enter the bios at least.