BIOS only finds SSD, no other SATA plugged components

Dec 15, 2017
Needing some advice fellas,

Recently, my computer was shutting off due to "power surges" that were not occurring. Assuming it was a bad PSU (it was a 5 year old 750 Thermaltake), I replaced it with a Corsair of the same wattage. While I was at it, I added an additional 1TB HDD. After the additions, I found that my computer is now unable to recognize ANY thing plugged into the SATA sockets other than my SSD (which has my OS installed). It cannot find my new, and old, HDD, eSATA port or my optical drive.

I have attempted rearranging socket positions and plugs between all of the components, attaching each individual component to the PSU via it's own wire instead of the daisy chain, and resetting CMOS and still, the only thing it recognizes is the SSD. Running out of ideas, what have I missed?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you


Jan 22, 2010
in the bios make sure the sata ports set to achi not raid. make sure there on. on some mb there 3 party sata chipset make sure your not on those ports and if you are those ports are on in the bios. on some newer mb if you turn on m2 or nvd sata option some of the ports turn off. also check in the mb guild see if putting a card in a slot will turn off the ports. use the working sata drive put it in each port see if the ports are working or fil they been shorted out. the old power supply may have killed the controoler on one of the sata device and it hangging the mb. try one device at a time.

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