BIOS reset itself (eVGA 680i)


Jun 18, 2004
(evga 680i Mobo)

Hi, I was trying to set up XP to standby by properly. So, I ran through a couple standby-resume cycles. It worked fine.

Then I go to install linux on another HD. So, I reset, enter bios, set my cdrom as a boot device. Save, exit, reboot.

First, the memory-test runs very, very slow, I have to press escape to bypass it. I have no idea why this is happening.

Then, it gets to :verifying DMI pool data" and tells me I have no boot devices available.

I had to go into the bios and RE-ENABLE IDE and SATA controllers. Why did the BIOS disable these controllers randomly?

Also, a bunch of other settings were altered. LAN port 1 and 2 were disabled, causing me to have to reenable them to make this post. BIOS disabled "Core 1" on my e6400 (with only "Core 0" enabled). It also did a crapload of other things.

do any of you have any idea why this would have happpend?