Bitphenix prodigy h100i and 3 slot graphics card?!!!!????


Nov 14, 2013
A 120mm cooler is the only thing you could go with, so say the h80i. But what we are recommending is that you get a different case for that setup.

the direct cuii is a great cooler, meaning it will take a lot of heat away from your gpu, but in a case like that, all the heat is going to go straight to your cpu cooler and it will be very stuffy in there


Sep 3, 2012
Your build has quite a lot of problems tbh. Not least of all the amount of exclamation and question marks, that'll really slow you down.

You are trying to do a high end AMD build on mATX. This is basically a non-starter. To get a proper AMD board with modern features and the sort of potential you want (fitting a h100i to a motherboard which is going to be terrible for overclocking is a massive waste of money) you need to look at 970/990FX/990X motherboards, and these only come in ATX form.

The Bitfenix Prodigy M is a bit of a mess in terms of design. Copying my comments from other threads-
The "M" versions of the three Bitfenix cases are awful. Most mATX boards use slots 1+2 for graphics cards, but some use 2+3 (using a PCIe x1 in slot 1). If you install an optical drive, you effectively block slots 3+4.
The graphics card(s) and cabled end of the PSU fight for space, so if one is long the other can't be, leading to confusion.
The maximum cooler height is also ambiguous as you can install HDDs on a bracket above the CPU, and these vary in thickness.
The PSU exhausts directly next to the main intake for the case. This main intake area is also a HDD mounting area.
That's just a few of the dubious design choices on that case.
Additionally, fitting a h100i means that even if you do get it to fit, it's fighting against the graphics card fans.

The video card is a problem Trying to fit a 3slot cooler into any compact build is going to be tricky as most are designed around the logic that graphics cards will be dual slot.

What I do disagree on is that you need a bigger case. The standard Prodigy (the ITX version) can fit a high end 280X like the Gigabyte Windforce or Sapphire Toxic, and a H100i, without any issues with overheating.
The trade off is that you need to switch to an Intel Z77/Z87 build, which may or may not be more expensive.
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