Question Black Screen, Loud Fans, Forced Restart when gaming

Dec 23, 2022
Issue: When gaming my screens will go black, fans will ramp up like crazy, can still hear sound and I have to force restart my PC. This happened in under a minute of game time.

I'm sure this is a familiar topic to most as in my troubleshooting there are lots of threads where the answer is basically "something is overheating", and yes that was an issue at first. My CPU was getting up to 90-100c and it was fried. I have since replaced the motherboard, cpu, ram and cooler to:

Mobo: Tuf Gaming z690 Bios version 2103 (the store mounted my cpu and did the bios for me before I left)
CPU: i7-13700k
RAM: Kingston DDR 3200 32 gig (2x16)
Cooler: Cooler Master 240w AIO

Remaining parts: Corsair TM850w psu (april 2019)
GPU: ASUS 2080ti (april 2019)

After the new parts everything ran beautifully and I thought I was done. I had a good 5 hour session with no issues, then it happened again. Force restarted and didnt happen again that evening. Yesterday, played for a few hours and it happened again. Then again and hour later, then 45 mins later, then 30, then 20, then 15, now 5. I have to kill the power on the PSU to restart, holding the reset button on the front of the PC will not work.

I have NZXT cam up on my 2nd monitor to watch temperatures.

Idle Temps

GPU: 30c

Game Temps:

GPU: 65c holds steady here.

The top of the card feels hot, but what I expect 65c to feel like, and cools off completely within seconds after the black screen so the heat is being dispersed quite effectively.

Voltage in the BIOS:

+5v: 5.040v
+3.3v: 3.344v

I just did a DDU clean install of my gpu drivers which did nothing. I also reapplied the thermal paste on the GPU. Im at a loss here. Only parts I have left to replace are the PSU (ok fine if I need to) or my GPU (yea not ok right now). Kind of at a loss at this point and very frustrated.