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    So, My pc is 2 years old and currently I have couple of problems SPECS r5 1600x 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengeance 2400 MHz (2 X 8gb) gtx 1060 6gb asus 500 watt psu (corsair vs series) cooler master cpu fan 2 ssd 2 hdd windows 10 PROBLEMS On booting, pc case running but no input on display /...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] PC freezes - then restarts + Graphics Error

    Hello everyone! :) For a long time I have had the problem that my PC freezes irregularly in some games, sometimes after 20 minutes, sometimes after 3 hours. But not on the desktop - only in some games. And now I am trying to find out the problem which is not that easy and now I need your help...
  3. G

    Question When I try to install new software, Windows will restart by itself mid installation --- what can cause this?

    When I try to install a new software some times windows will restart by itself mid installation. Some softwares seem to be installed normally after this, some aren't installed but when I try again i can install them without a restart happening but some of them it happens every time and i can't...
  4. Dr.aeb92

    Question Most weird sound problem ive ever faced can any one help.

    Hey there A few days ago ive bought a new gaming pc just to play warzone i had many issues at first but i solved them but the only problem i had is with my headphones i have steelseries arctis 3 headphone when i connect it throught headphone jack the sound plays well but the problem is with my...

    Question Weird lag spikes ?

    After i reset my pc about 3 months ago ive started getting lag spikes in mostly low requirement games such as Valorant, Enlisted and osu! ive also gotten them a lot on apex. The reason why i reset my pc was because i would start getting random freezes when i didnt have a game running, it would...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 system

    I'm interested in building a new system with Windows 7 as the OS. I have a list of parts at My requirements are that the price should be minimal, the processor should run at or above 2.2 GHz, and dimensions of the case be <= 16 inches...
  7. Y

    Question Is there a way to salvage this old PC?

    This PC was used for typical home office and general task system in 2019. The motherboard is NEC mate MS-7479 VER1:1. Here is some pictures of the motherboard and its connections: View: I did not touch the connections or rearrange them in any way. The problem is...
  8. nanadoesgaming

    Question How do i fix my DATA (D:) drive?

    my computer has 128gb of C: drive and 1T of (D:) drive. I noticed when I first got it that my C: drive filled up really quickly and it didn't make much sense to me. I figured out how to direct most download to (D:) but its a little wonky. Every item I put into the (D:) end up on my desktop and...
  9. F

    Question Monitor turns off mouse and keyboard turn off but pc is still on.

    in the title is the problem. while gaming the monitor, keyboard and mouse turn off but the pc is still on. I have read around and people say that's its the psu but the thing is that my pc is brand new and I have built pcs before and this has never happened to me before. this has only happened 3...
  10. RitSin

    Question What is First, Last and Auto Boot Option in Bios?

    I have a dell laptop I want to be installed to window 10 but when I opened bios I have seen "Add to boot option" "First" "Last" and "Auto" -- what is this? and I also want to know that if I choose the uefi boot option instead of legacy ? should I Enable the legacy option Rom or disable it?
  11. I

    Question How to stop Adobe from resizing the resolution?

    My moniter is 1680×1050 and i use geforce expirience to record my videos and there is an option that allows me to record to 1080p and it works fine, but when i put the file in adobe premiere it resizes back moniter size 1680x1050, even thought the original source is 1920x1080p, and when i try...
  12. NUGA

    Question WiFi network adapter not working after switching GPUs ?

    Essentially the title. My previous GPU (GTX770) died, so I upgraded to a GTX 1660 Super. After installing it, I couldn't get my WiFi adapter to be recognized. What could be the issue ? Full PC Specs: -> GPU: GTX 1660 Super -> CPU: Intel i5- 4550 -> Motherboard: Asus B85 Vanguard -> WiFi...
  13. V

    Question Gray screen of death when opening windows

    Hi, I recently built a computer from older parts (though I doubt it's anything hardware related) here are the parts 585 watt PSU GTX 960 Core i7 4790 i believe H97M-ITX/ac 2 tb HDD from Lenovo prebuilt 16gb ram And an old blue case my parents call "blue dragon" When i try to start the pc up...
  14. nusuntbubu

    Question Pc crash

    Everytime i play fivem my pc turn off Why?? i5 9400f,16gb ram 2666mhz(oc),rx 470 4gb strix
  15. K

    Question Direct3d

    when I try to open a game it shows direct3D device was removed, so how do I fix this??
  16. R

    Question Window 10 scanning and repairing C drive randomly

    This popped up randomly as I was turning on my computer. I have already tried to fix it from window 10 within the tool section under the property. I believe it is called error checking. I even did this process like 4 times. It will give me the message twice and boot into windows again, so for...
  17. Tomy23

    Question PC randomly powers off ?

    My PC randomly powers off and will not start up again for around 30-40 minutes, then it starts without a problem . It does not give any error while using it. And also it happened 4 times in the last 2 week. And also 4 of them happened on Saturday. 2 of them last Saturday and the other 2 this...
  18. Question computer crashing and restarting now and than

    HI my computer crashes sometimes when I open big software are a lot of web pages. some times it run without any problem.
  19. E

    Question Computer Crashes Every Single Time After Start Up

    Thank you in advance for any advice... I have been trying to diagnose this issue for close to 2 years. This is a tough one... The ONLY issue I have with my computer is it will hard crash not long after I start it up. Once it crashes, it won't crash again as long as I keep the computer running...
  20. R

    Question PC Build help/review

    Hi there, I'm building a PC purely for using audio software at a high level. I need good processing power and good RAM. I have put a low GPU in as I can always upgrade later on down the line. Do you guys have any advice or would you swap anything out to save more/squeeze more performance? All...