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  1. B

    Question PC wont boot and VGA LED is ON ?

    Hello, I recently started getting issues with my PC where it didnt want to boot anymore. From working fine for months, to suddenly this. Simply put, turned it on, no video output, but the leds on the motherboard/ case fans etc worked fine. VGA LED was on so i assumed it had something to do with...
  2. Inquisitoria

    Question All my games keep crashing

    I have been having a lot of problems running my PC as of late. My PC is almost top of the line. Ryzen 5 5600X MSI Suprim X RTX 3070 Oloy Warhawk 16 gb 3600mhz ASUS Strix B550-A Gaming Gamemax 850W RGB PSU During Idle or not playing games, it would be completely fine. When I would boot up a...
  3. xarzu

    Question Typing for an app makes the system menu disappear.

    This is a new problem that I did not see before. When I click on the windows Icon on the bottom left side of my desktop, the system menu pops up as expected, and I am able to scroll through an alphabetically listed series of apps I can choose to run. But if I try to seacrh for the application...
  4. IAmRooby


    So, I've decided to splash some cash and do a major upgrade of my current system, could anyone have a glance at the parts I'm looking at and give some advice on whether it's ok or suggest better parts etc - it will all be running with a Gigabyte 3080 ti and a 1000w Asus PSU on a 1440p monitor...
  5. Swabbie

    Question Ram not showing when switch gpu

    hey, i am new on this forum but i have a question. My system specs are: Windows 11 X570 Aorus pro wifi ITX mobo Ryzen 5 5600x CPU 16gb DDR4 RAM corsair vengeance 3600mhz RTX 2060 evga ftw3 / RTX 3080 msi ventus 3X plus. NZXT H1 case with AIO CPU cooler and nzxt 650 watt PSU. so my problem is...
  6. S

    Question Computer slowed down after not using it for a while.

    So I went to college and I didn't bring my PC and havent used it for a long time. Which component is the cause of this slow down? The computer takes a long time to "warm up" and takes a while to boot up applications like League and Google Chrome. Thanks for the advice on what the cause is and...
  7. S

    Question GPU blinks when pressing power button but computer doesn’t start at all ?

    Yesterday I reset my pc like 7 times trying to turn on secure boot in bios to play valorant. After playing for a few hours in secure boot, I shut it down and went to bed. Now when I try pressing the power button the gpu blinks and then nothing happens at all. I’m so lost and what I should do bc...
  8. D

    Question 3 sticks of RAM works but 4 wont POST

    I recently purchased two new sticks of ram to bring my pc from 16GB to 32GB. I didn't realize at the time but what I had bought was 3200mhz and my old ram is 3000mhz. Everything Ive read says they will work fine together, but they will be limited to 3000mhz which is fine with me. The problem is...
  9. K

    Question EZ Debug CPU Light is off, others are on ?

    Hi, Built a PC in August 2020 (been about a year and a half). PC worked smoothly when first built, been using it for a year and a half with no problems. Specs: Mobo: MSI X570 Wifi CPU: Ryzen 7 3700 GPU: Zotac 2070 Super RAM: 2x G.Skill 3200MHz 16GB SSD: Samsung EVO 1TB A few days back, PC...
  10. klok25

    Question Kernel-Power 41 (63)

    I did everything, I don't have oc, I sent to check my graphics and they said it was fine, I changed the processor, I replaced the motherboard, I updated the bios to the latest version, I checked the ram with memtest without errors, I checked cpy and gpu temperatures with Aida and prime95 tests...
  11. P

    Question Is it worth it to buy an Amd A8 system in 2022?

    Is it worth buying a 2nd hand amd A8 system for 100$? my sister just play roblox while using facebook and discord on chrome. Specs: Amd a8 7600 2x4b ram IGPU radeon r7
  12. ArmoredRhino187

    Question PC randomly black screens while gaming ?

    Hi all The issue I am having is whenever I am plaing games on my pc sometimes the system will crash, the screens will go black and the pc will just boot back to the windows login screen I have monitored my temperatures to check the health of my components and they seem to be fine GPU on load...
  13. im_exotic

    Question My boot mode is in UEFI, yet I cant boot unless my BIOS is in CSM ?

    I've had this issue for quite a while, but I'm only starting to realize its effect now. When I try booting in UEFI, the boot option appears but when clicked I'm taken right back to the bios, and boot fails. I checked my BIOS type and its still in UEFI. Any help?
  14. etiekyed1

    Question PC booting very slow and not recognizing SSD ?

    So recently, I cleaned and moved my computer into a new case due to unclean-able amounts of dust. During the process, i damaged a cpu socket pin, therefore having to purchase a newer CPU and motherboard (used to have a I7-7700k but was discontinued). After purchasing and installing my new...
  15. Xeon z600

    Question Graphics card upgrade for HP Z600 ?

    I have an HP Z600 with Xeon CPU and I want to upgrade my graphics card. Which card suits best for Xeon ? Currently I have Quadro 4000 which is not good for games. I want to use my PC for both work and games. Plzz guide
  16. I

    Question i was playing a game and my entire pc froze and keyboard and mouse light turned off. wont boot with no signal monitor, keyboard and mouse lights off

    i was playing bf1 then my pc froze and a spike of loud noise hit my headphones. i tried pressing windows, ctrl alt delete, everything. 10 seconds after my keyboard and mouse lights died and i tried restarting my pc. it turned on then instantly off but turned on after. all lights are on and fans...
  17. A

    Question Computer not detecting IO devices

    I randomly turned my pc on and none of the IO devices work. I have no idea where to start diagnosing this problem and was wondering if anyone could give some advice on things I should try. The keyboard, mouse, and monitor all don't work. Build ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 AM4 AMD B550 SATA...
  18. HCTree

    Question My PC takes over 5 minutes to shut down or restart

    Hey, everyone. As said in the title, after the "Shutting Down" screen disappears, my computer remains on for about 5 minutes or even more before turning off completely. I have searched on the web about this issue and to my understanding it can range from a program running in the background to a...
  19. H

    Question Does Kali Linux support two different frequency RAMs ?

    Does Kali Linux support 2 x 4GB RAM sticks of different frequencies, and also other OS like Android ? Like Windows runs on different frequency. Like 1st - 4gb 1333HZ Frequency 2nd - 4gb 1600HZ Frequency
  20. noxinum

    Question WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR several times a day ?

    Hello! I’ve recently encountered this error message, especially at least 10 times today, and I’m at a loss of what could be the cause for it. It happened not more than 2/3 days now. Between that time and today, I updated Windows, Nvidia Graphics, Chrome and activated something in Steelseries...
  21. I

    Question Need Confirmation Before Upgradation of Processor

    Hello, I recently got an old system (Lenovo Thinkcentre M58P Type 7484) from market with these specifications CPU: Intel Core2Duo E4600 SLA94 MALAY 2. GHz/2M/800/06 L829A941 RAM: 4 GB Hard Drive: 320. Actually I have a processor (In good condition) Intel Core2Quad Q6600 SLACR MALAY 2.4...
  22. C

    Question Pc frezzes at random

    So I have a problem with my pc where it just hard freezes(everything is still open, monitors still on showing what I did before the freeze but can't do anything and have to shut down the pc manually). I tried checking event logs but nothing comes up just the critical kernel failure from shutting...
  23. A

    Question System randomly gets stuck, everything frozen ?

    Hello I have had my computer for few years now never had an issue with it but from about 3 weeks ago it randomly gets stuck ( freezes everything, can't even move mouse as it is stuck until i manually reset it). It usually happens when playing Valorant game(will share its requirements below)...
  24. S

    Question Safe to delete System Reserved?

    Recently, I've decided that I wanted to clear up one of my SSD's (Disk 2) so I can move my files from Disk 1 to Disk 2. This is so I can fully install Linux on Disk 1, since I've been using it for my school work, development, and some gaming. Unfortunately, there is a "System Reserved" on Disk...
  25. N

    Question Would you modify anything from this set up?

    Hi Tom's Hardware community, I was finally able to get an RTX 30 series GPU! My new EVGA GeForce RTX3080 TI just arrived. I've been doing some research and I came up with the following set-up. Would you recommend something different? I'm hoping that the PC will run basically anything at 4K on...
  26. D

    Question Need guidance. PC off for 9 months, new components needed, steps needed before booting

    CPU: Intel i9-9900k Motherboard: ASUS Z390 ROG Maximus XI Hero WiFi Intel LGA 1151 ATX GPU: (previous) MSI RTX 2080 8GB Gaming X Trio (current - in question) EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming Triple-Fan 12GB GDDR6X PCIe 4.0 Memory: 4x G.Skill Trident Z Royal 16GB DDR4-3200...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] New system, no POST, no display, 6 short beep code on ASUS AM4 motherboard

    Hello, Just refit my old system with new components, but I can't get a display but I do get a 6 short beep code. Specs are: CPU: Ryzen 5600g (new) Cooler: Stock GPU: Integrated/5600g (new) RAM: XPG Z1 DDR4 3200MHz (PC4 25600) (new) Motherboard: ASUS A520M-A (new) PSU: EVGA - W3 Series 450W ATX...
  28. Question message popped up after my PC looped error codes. How to fix?

    I have never had this happen to me, up until now at least. I don't remember overclocking anything either. The closest thing that might of triggered this was enabling XMP.
  29. rando500

    Question What should i get for my current rig?

    Current system, CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 2600x, GPU: 1660 Super, 16gb ram, MB: MSI B450 gaming Plus Max. I'm thinking a ryzen 7 5600x and some faster better ram 32gb or a Radeon 6600 core 8b. FYI only GPU instock not my desired one but from what i understand still a decent upgrade. Also according to...
  30. JZ113

    Question PC screen turns black then restarts while playing games

    Upgraded my motherboard and cpu 4 weeks ago. While playing games, my pc would have the screen turn black, I lose audio to game immediately and then discord/YouTube 10 seconds later, then the system reboots. (This issue happens maybe once after every 1-2 hours while playing any random games...
  31. Jaunval

    Question Why does my mic cut under high gpu usage?

    When my gpu uses above like 60 maybe 70% my audio will cut for for a second or 2 and then come back but my mic will not work. I have to leave and rejoin the discord vc to fix this. Any ideas? Specs: ryzen 5 3600 rx 5600xt asrock b450m steel legend 16gb xpg ram 3200mhz but running lower because...
  32. R

    Question PC on hibernate/sleep automatically wakes itself up after a few seconds ?

    My PC automatically wakes itself up a few seconds after I've set it to hibernate or sleep ? I've already removed all computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard, LAN, speaker, wireless adapter, display, webcam etc.). The only remaining device plugged in is the power supply but still it automatically...
  33. rahulrajtyagi7

    Question System Reboots Randomly without giving a BSOD or an error

    Hi - I have started having issues with my PC build recently where my PC restarts randomly. The restart can happen any time, even when the system is ideal and nothing or no work is ongoing on the machine. Following are the PC specs of the build CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 MotherBoard: ASRock B450...
  34. A

    Build Advice Help with building a new system ?

    Place of Purchase - Mumbai, India. Can pick up parts online from Approximate Purchase Date: Soon, however, if you feel that I should wait, I will wait. Budget Range: Rs 100000 INR ~ 1200-1400 $ System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Productivity. For eg - CSGO...
  35. R

    Question $400-$500 to spend on new office sustem

    Before I buy, looking for suggestions for new system. Currently using a 2013 AMD A6-5400 with 4 gb Crucial DDR memory on a Bio-Star A* 5S3 micro ATX motherboard, 500 GB WD SATA hard drive and Intel PCI network adapter, Antec 450 power supply. Approaching HD capacity, so looking for new system...
  36. Spongerino

    Question My PC won't Boot but RAM RGB is lit ?

    Hey guys, I really need help lmao. I was just using my pc last night, turned it off unplugged the power cable and went to bed. I turn it on the next day and my PC no longer boots. When i click the power on button on the case, the RGB lights on my RAM sticks turn on but thats it. The gpu doesnt...
  37. muckbunny

    Question PC keeps freezing after restart

    Okay so recently I had an issue where my pc would boot up and only my monitor worked, keyboard and mouse won’t. So I went to fix the issue by rubbing an eraser on my rams. My pc worked fine for about a week. Today when I boot up my pc everything boots as usual, I logged in as usual and after a...
  38. Blank999

    Question PC wont boot; been 5 months trying

    Hello, unsure if im doing this right as its my first post here. My PC hasnt been posting since i built it (5 months ago) and ive tried many things before Heres a part list : B550 aorus elite ax v2 Ryzen 5 5600x RTX 3060TI 16 gb vengance 3600mhz C16 RAM Kraken Z73 AIO 6 total rgb corsair ql fans...
  39. H

    Question Buying a new PC - Please review my system

    System Builder - Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz 8-Core, GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8 GB GAMING X TRIO, iCUE 4000X RGB ATX Mid Tower - PCPartPicker A few questions: (i will be playing 1440p 34" curved screen) Will I be able to run all new games e.g. Dying Light 2 etc? Do you see any bottlenecks in the system...
  40. D

    Question Need help troubleshooting CPU_LED after weird crash.

    Today I encountered a problem with my PC, and I don't know if this will help but I will write down exactly what happened just incase it makes it easier to solve for someone. So first I've had this same computer since 2015; Asus z97-a Intel i7 4790k Msi gtx 970 gaming 4G , Corsair 16gb 2x8GBcl9...