Question Black screen, no BSODs unless..

Aug 31, 2020
Hi everyone. I'll try to give you information on my problem as simple as I can.

My PC:
cpu - i5 6600
gpu - R9 390
mobo - BM150 pro4
PSU - Be quiet, 700W, model BQ SU7
1x 8GB RAM Kingston 2133

The problem:
The problem started occuring 2-3 months ago.
While playing a game my gpu would overheat and eventually the screen would turn black.
Or so I thought the issue was the gpu.
Now, needless to say, that GPU is watt sucker. It uses about 300W+ in its peak.
Imagine playing Tomb Raider on ultra graphics, I'd have let's say 1h30m of gameplay before my screen goes black, while the fans continue working - which leads me to the idea that my PC is still running.
I thought to myself - Ok. That's normal. My PC isn't top of the line. Therefore I can't play whatever I like on ultra graphics without consequences.

But then the issue proceeded to happen even while browsing chrome.. Or simply talking in discord.

I switched using my gpu with my intel integrated graphics. No crashes are happening at all.
Unless I'm playing a game - where finally I get some information on what's going on!
BSOD with stopcode - Thread stuck in device driver.

While using my GPU - screen goes black, event viewer gives no information other than Kernel power 41 which is related to PSU.
I don't think that PSU would be the problem cause that would mean that the PC would turn off completely if it was the case.
While using my CPU - screen doesn't go black, I can browse for hours, but while I start playing - BSOD with the mentioned stop code above.

What I've done so far:
I tried reinstalling drivers for AMD gpu, didn't work.
I tried reinstalling windows 10, didn't work.
I checked if there was anything corrupted within my RAM, everything was fine.

And I'm out of ideas tbh..

I'll continue using my CPU integrated graphics so I can still have usable PC until I save enough money for new GPU.
If only someone could tell me what the issue is..

P.S - I don't have spare PC to test my GPU. Nor do I have spare PSU to test on my PC.
Also I would like to point out that when the black screen is happening there are two follow ups:
I lose all sound within 3-4secs of the black screen.
A buzzing sound appears 2 secs after the black screen.
In both case scenarious I need to FORCE restart the PC, otherwise it wouldn't shut down at all.