Question Blank screen until Windows Desktop appears ?


Oct 27, 2016
Got a question for y'all. When I bought my car there was a PC in the trunk. I assumed it didn't work at all but I plugged it in and tried it out. It turns on and loads up windows 8. But I noticed that there is no display of any kind until windows pops up, no bios loading, no windows loading screen or anything. It sits there blank for a few minutes until the windows login screen.

What would cause that?


Possibly some BIOS configuration that is disabling POST.

Any beeps? Some pattern of long and short beeps during boot up? Listen carefully.

Make and model PC, motherboard, etc.? Specs?

Make and model monitor? Are you able to try another known working monitor?

Key is to discover what key to start rapidly tapping as the power is turned on: F2, F12, Delete, or maybe some other key that will open BIOS.

Another thought is that the PSU may not be fully functional. Some component needs to warm up, expand, and connect in order to get power/signal to GPU.

You can easily test that: once the system boots and displays, turn it off again, and then immediately back on. Determine if the login screen appears more immediately.