Blizzard Reveals Plans For 'Diablo' 20-Year Anniversary

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Mar 17, 2015
It's funny, they have said the tristram event would be all January, every January... But, there's still no patch in sight. Diablo is a failed game, they know it, and they aren't investing anymore time into it.
This could be great. I've been trying to get D1 working in Windows 10 for a while now to no avail. The first game was fun and much darker than D3. I hope they decide to leave it in the game, maybe like a special thing like the "care bear level" they replaced the "cow level" with.

Now I am hoping they come out with a anniversary edition Wacraft RTS Warchest with WC1, WC2+xpac and even WC3+xpac. Maybe do it as a promo with WC4 RTS...doubt it will ever happen, but that would rock. I've seen a lot of people wanting WC1 remastered after the movie came out.


Oct 16, 2009
I've played The Darkening of Tristram and it more hype the way Blizzard talks about it. It was not what I expected and when I played it I couldn't wait to finish it since it was a bad way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Diablo. I thought it was poorly done and it felt like another boring level after level of Diablo 3, it is not worth all they hype they claim it to be. I wish Blizzard did something better for the 20th anniversary.

For Martell1977 - The original Diablo does work with Windows 10, shame that it is giving you so much trouble. I've used the Diablo HD mod with it and speaking of the Diablo HD mod it is an interesting mod for the game but the only shame of it is there seems to be no more progress on it especially with the multiplayer side.

Yes, its their version of DRM. No internet, no D3. I don't mind all that much as I have a fast and stable internet connection, but I can see it being an issue for those that don't.

It's no different than many games these days. I can't play most of my Steam games or Origin games without an internet connection...

Magic the Gathering 2012 and I couldn't strat Doom without logging into the Steam client. Haven't tried Fallout 4 or New Vegas.
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