[SOLVED] Bluetooth audio bitrate decreases when gaming ?


Feb 2, 2019
OS: Manjaro Linux

Whenever I boot up a steam game on my PC, my Bluetooth headphones work fine for a bit but slowly increase their latency until the audio starts getting noticeability more compressed (to the point that it's worse quality that a phone call) until finally it crackles a bit, speeds through a few seconds of audio, and catches up to real time. After this has started, it happens over and over again, cycling about every 2 minutes.

I've tried everything I can think of to diagnose this issue but nothing makes sense.

My Bluetooth speakers work perfectly fine, no issue at all. But all Bluetooth headsets have the same problem. That being said, a slightly higher end pair of headphones takes noticeably longer to start breaking down than the cheaper ones.

These same headphones work perfectly fine when paired with my phone, or even casual usage on the same desktop. It's ONLY when gaming with headsets it happens.

I tried testing it on Windows, but windows Bluetooth drivers completely sh*t the bed and now won't even let me connect a new device.

Also, I've tested multiple different Bluetooth adapters with no difference.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?