Question "Boot failure detected" error ?


Jun 13, 2021
Encountered an odd issue yesterday with Boot failure detected when launching CoD... My rigs fairly new and been running everything steady since Saturday, drivers/bios/windows up to date. Changed nothing on my end and randomly it decided to crash, and this is after playing the game the same day no issues, took a break went to return and started having the boot failures.

When setting up the bios the only changes I've made since the new build is enabling instant 6ghz and setting my xmp profile1 to 5200 to operate up to my memory speed capability. When the machine crashes, it boots windows fine at 5200(it does make me revert to default speeds first before rebooting @ 5200) and crashes launching CoD only it seems, Setting the machine at 4800 CoD launches just fine. iCue software no longer recognizes my memory at 4800 or 5200 speeds either anymore, but the task manager and gigabyte MB software see it as whatever speed its set at. I do think I found a solution to the crashing, or the cause but wanted some feedback on it, I believe the gigabyte MB software and Bios are potentially fighting each other. If I set the memory speed through gigabyte software @ 5200 it operates just fine and launches CoD, but the tab below says XMP profile is disabled.


Build list is
Aorus Z-690 Ultra
Aorus DDR5 5200
Evga Platinum 1200w Psu
Gigabyte OC 4090
Samsung 980 Pro 1TB
Samsung 970 Plus 1TB
Samsung 860/850 Evo 500GB
Phantek G500A
H150i Corsair elite AIO

Windows 11


Jun 18, 2016
Yeah, I think you are right, the two software are hindering each other. However it definitely an idea to look into new DDR5 RAM. It may also be the compatibility with your CPU and RAM. It’s a very low-tier DDR5. I recommend a much faster kit. Especially with 13th Gen. 6400mhz is a great speed considering your CPU I the issue continues 🙌