Question Boot issue after enabling smart fan control on MSI Z370 Gaming Plus

Sep 5, 2019
After enabling smart fan control and closing BIOS, my pc was on however my display was off. Checked many of the basics like cables etc, tried multiple restarts and removing GPU and running display port to the motherboards output. After a while I tried resetting the Bios by following the manuals guide of putting the jumper on JBAT 1 for about 10 seconds. Didn't help so I removed the motherboards battery and held down the power button, then put it back in. Also no help. Then after starting at a black screen with my pc on for about 10 minutes, decided to press ctrl alt delete and after all usb powered accessories turned on and off once or twice, I finally went into windows, however every time I boot I have to do this and it takes me straight to windows, not allowing me to get into BIOS, even if I try spamming DEL on boot. What do I do to be able to access my bios and have a normal boot without having to press ctrl alt delete every time?