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[SOLVED] boot issues after upgrade to ASrock X570 Phantom Gaming

May 20, 2020

I decided to upgrade my AB350 Fatal1ty itx for an X570 Phantom Gaming. The CPU was also upgraded from a 1600X to a 3600X. The graphics card is a Zotac mini (1070 Ti) and I have 4 drives connected (1 NVME M2 and 3 SATA). I dual boot (Windows 10 & Ubuntu 18.04) through Grub (2.02). Both OS are on the NVME drive.

After putting everything together, I am able to go to the bios and see that all hardware is properly detected. I have setup the boot sequence correctly because I can access Grub. The issue is that the computer freezes there.

I wonder if I have not missed a UEFI setup for the drives.

The computer can boot from a USB (like clonezilla), but I have to specifically choose UEFI whereas with the previous board, it would not matter if I choose UEFI or USB option for the stick.

A bit of a mystery, but windows managed to boot once and went through the hardware upgrade and all was fine. One difference as the ASRock logo would show in SD instead of HD at boot. With the previous board it was showing in SD. Also, booting up things like clonezilla or rescue cd will display in HD whereas it was SD before.
Since then, I have not been able to replicate what I did to get Windows to start again.

Any help will be appreciated,