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Question Boot issues (Boot loop, DPC Watchdog etc)


Aug 18, 2013
Okay so my computer has a range of issues atm:
A while ago I noticed my PC was slowing down and so I reinstalled windows, that went fine. I needed the drivers for my Wifi dongle and couldn't get that to install (or was too slow maybe) so I moved my PC to a part of the house that has an Ethernet cable, started to update Windows and all the drivers to the latest version and now I've uncounted a range of issues - the update never finished:

Boot loops and taking a long time to reach the desktop
DPC Watchdog errors (and I did follow the solutions do update it but it's still happening)
When I do reach the desktop the Windows Update screen is blank and can't find anything - again followed other recommendations

I've tried to reinstall windows from a bootable USB (followed all the instructions) found myself stuck on the purple screen or setup loading for a long time. Only reached the next stages once it started to reinstall and then hit DPC Watchdog.

I'm in bit of a mess, the computer only has Windows downloaded and is full of issues.

What should I do?


If you got the DPC Watchdog error only, that means the problem related to the OS and the boot device. And you said you try to reinstall the win10, and take too long to load, that means your boot device (SSD or HDD) may have problem, try to use other one. Or test the boot device in other computer with hd tune.
HD tune https://www.hdtune.com/