Question boot loop nightmare for me

Mar 31, 2020
Ok so i'm currently in my second pc build, first one went flawless, second not so much. I'm stuck in a 2-5 second boot loop, the current setup that boot loops is a Z390 aorus elite with an i5 6600k, xpg ddr4 2800 16g, 1000w power supply. First i thought the ram was the problem so i bought to brand new sticks from corsair, still looped. Next was the power supply so i bought a new one, still looped. The board also was bought brand new cause my msi board did the same thing, still looped, so finally i broke down and bought another new processor, still looped. The weird part to me is if i take my i5-6600k out of my other build and put it in this build it works. Put the brand new processor in my build, it loops. Please help end my nightmare lol. If you need more information please let me know, i also cleared cmos and have it built out of case currently.
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