Boot Problem - Vista 64

craig hallworth

Jun 16, 2008
Hello all,

I have put together a new system and am experiencing a problem with booting into windows vista 64.

First of all, I cannot boot without the windows disk in the cdrom drive. If I try to, I get system boot error, insert system disk after the BIOS post. Note that I have vista installed on a RAID-0 array that is setup as first hard drive priority in the BIOS and that hard disk is selected as first boot up device.

When I do have the windows disk in the drive the following sequence of events occurs:

1. Upon first power up, the BIOS POST fails resulting in a stalled system
2. Upon reset of the system, I receive the message "your last BIOS POST failed please enter setup..etc"
3. Upon entering BIOS setup, I then save and exit.
4. Then it reboots, passes POST, and "press any key to boot from cd" appears
5. If I don't press any key, I am taken into Windows Vista and everything is fully operational.

So you can see, I would like to avoid this wonderfully involved start up ritual if possible ;)

Any suggestions?

Further info on system specs:

QX9450 oc'ed to 3.2GHZ (water cooled, runs at 40c)
Reaper 1150 mhz DDR2 (4*1GB sticks)
Asus P5N-T Deluxe
Vista 64 - SP1 and 4GB RAM updates applied
2* 74GB raptor RAID-0 array (contains vista 64)
2* 250 GB HDD (currently formatted, no data, no partitions - would like to setup as a secondary raid for media storage but is also not working - but that is another story)
2*8800GT SLI
850W power

Thanks for your help!


Mar 11, 2008
Could be the overclock is to high for the RAID controller to handle. Also make sure your boot order is set to boot from the RAID array, that will take away the "press any key to boot from cd" message.

Whats your room temp? I have watercooled X6400 which are known to run hot and my room temp right now is 76f and the cpu temp is 30c. Running under full load in only gets to 38c tops.


Mar 17, 2007
Has it done this from the beginning? If it has, maybe you need a bios update? What about if you unplug the hard drives and try to boot, see if it goes through all of the way (until it says no boot disk, obviously) That's all I can think of.

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