Boot Problems linked with USB devices.


Dec 28, 2005
Hey guys, I hope someone amongst you smart fellows can help me out with this one, i'm kinda lost. Right now i'm running an AMD 3000+, gig of OCZ pc3200, Radeon 9800pro (MSI) Here's my board (K8T NEO2-F)My mainboard

The problem i've been having ever since i installed my new mainboard as been during the boot sequence. Basically, i can't have any USB devices plugged into my board or to my extra USB extension ports? I dunno if it's another card or not. But nevertheless, If any USB device at all is plugged in and the computer is booting up it will get past the diagnostic checks and just stop dead. As soon as i unplug the device, Windows loads again. Mind you it seems to load a bit slower and in short spurts, particularly the loading bar under the XP logo. And it sounds like my computer is chugging a bit. Yet once it's in windows it works fine, and up until today I could use USB devices and now they're not registering at all.

I installed my 2.0 drivers and all my other drivers after a recent format, and i have no idea what to do to fix this. But going behind my computer everytime to disconnect and reconnect my mouse on restarts is getting to be a complete pain in the ass. Anyone that could help me with this, please it'd be greatly appreciated.


Dec 19, 2005
ROFLMAO!!! Sorry, but it's just kinda funny. I know exactly what's going on. Go into your BIOS and change the boot order. You probably have "Removable" set before your hard drive. It happens to me all the time where I have my USB stick in and I'm restarting, and then it's just like WTF? Basically the problem is your BIOS is checking your USB devices to boot Windows before it checks your hard drive. If there's something plugged into a USB slot (like your mouse), it will try to use that to boot Windows. lol...