Bootmgr is missing


Nov 2, 2010
Hello everyone! So I have this old dell inspiron e1405 laptop I used to use. It came with windows xp, but I upgraded it to vista. The laptop only had 1gb of ram so it found vista difficult to run, and it became very slow, and thus I became very frustrated and stopped using it. Today, I decided that I would bring it back to life and put xp back on it. So, I took out the hard drive, pluged it into my main computer and wiped it using ccleaner drive wiper. Then I put the drive back in the laptop and put in the XP disc. When the laptop turns on though a black screen comes up saying "bootmgr is missing" "press alt ctrl delete to restart", This process just goes on and on. Can someone help me put xp back on this laptop? Thank you.


Feb 9, 2012
First you need to set the boot device in your laptop or press f12 to select the boot device.
select the DVD+-rw to run windows XP.
Now run the installation util it shows the drive's, delete all and now create according to the need.
Now install the windows XP it will boot.

I hope this help, if u have any problem related to driver just take the help for windows drivers update anytime.