Borderlands 2 rate of fire

Can anyone tell me if the rate of fire stat in Borderlands 2 is still the number of rounds fired per second? The revolver you get states a ROF of 18.7, which seems excessive if rounds/second, since you couldn't physically click more than 5 times in a second. And the SMG has a ROF of over 10, but doesn't seem to fire 10 rounds a second. Let me know if you know how it works!
^ No you cannot, not on those weapons.

@OP, yes, it still means that. However, there are some weapons that aren't automatic, but they have very high rate of fire. They usually also say "fires as fast as you can pull the trigger".

Yeah, the Jakobs weapons... weird thing is, they still put a rate of fire value on those weapons anyway, but whether it's 9 or 18, it always fires as fast as you can click (which suggests the ROF value provided is just an arbitrary number with no actual effect). But a 12.5 ROF pistol (non-Jakobs) was firing noticably slower than I was clicking, while a 9 ROF Vladof pistol seems to fire as fast as I can click, and it's noticably faster than a 9 ROF SMG on full auto!

The main thing is, full auto weapons with a ROF of more than 5 (so faster than you could click for a semi-auto) are firing much slower than it would be possible to click the mouse button for semi-auto, so the value couldn't possibly relate to rounds/second any more? It seems to be closer to rounds/2 seconds. With the kind of analysis that goes into this stuff on the Borderlands wiki, I'm sure there will be an answer soon, would be good to know!
I think it's maybe just a strange characteristic of Dahl pistols - Vladof semi-automatic pistols with rates of fire as low as 8 will fire as fast as I click, while Dahl pistols with over 12 ROF are noticably slower. I'm not talking about aiming down the sights either (which will limit the weapon to burst fire) but non-aimed semiauto fire. It's a shame with all the time they took to release the game that they couldn't make the weapon stats a little more accurate/intuitive. Like telling you elemental damage per second, but not how many seconds it lasts for. Does it keep going indefinitely? Awesome game anyway though!
I'm no expert on BL, but perhaps they've changed the ROF stat to show the delay after each shot before the next one can be made? Because from reading what you guys are saying, it seems to me that the higher the ROF number the slower the gun appears to work (ie the delay is higher between shots).

AntiZig - that it the case with some games but Sunius is right, for the most part higher ROF is faster in BL2. I think it's probably down to a glitch. Maybe confined to Dahl pistols. They're a bit different to other BL2 pistols in that aiming down sights sets them to burst fire - maybe a bug related to that causes the occasional pause in un-aimed fire that makes it fire not quite as fast as you click. Dahl is a bit of a letdown so far, they were one of the best in BL1 along with Jakobs... that said, I think the best guns from both of them came later on so maybe that's yet to come. Vladof and Maliwan still awesome :)