Question both CPU and GPU question

Apr 6, 2019
im fairly new to the PC world, and have been having issues as of late. Ive had this same build for the better part of 5 months or so and have never seen this issue. Im running a Ryzen 7 2700 overclocked to 3.9 and im using an RTX 2060. Now i play alot of PubG and have never had ANY issues running it at max settings, however now, i cant run it at all. When i boot up PubG my cpu usage in task manager skyrockets and the GPU skyrockets to 100% and the game virtually becomes unplayable. so while i have the game open, the first 4 cores are all maxed out at 100% and the rest are barely used. I open ryzen master and it says that all of my cores are enabled. i have it over clocked to 3.9 but in task manager it says 3.2 for speed. i dont get it? i dont have any problems running any other game. any thoughts? thank you ANd all my components are up to date