Question Bought A different cpu and now im having issues once again (please help...)

Jan 27, 2020
(sorry for the long story? question?)
Okay so to start off, i have pretty old parts so yea
my specs:
cpu: a4-6300
mobo: some chinese A88 fm2/fm2+ mobo i can try my best to check for the model (ill explain that)
storage: 250gb ssd & 500gb hdd
psu: 500w bronze Gigabyte

okay so, i just got a x4 cpu, specifically a x4 860k and at first i just popped it in my system thinking it would work, of course unplugged the power and all and did it, but then nothing posted so i thought okay i’ll remove the battery, wait and try again and still nothing. So i looked around and found out id need to update the bios so my mobo will support the cpu i suppose. But here’s were the mobo problem comes because i put my a4 back in and it posted once and i got into windows and i turned it off and tried to get into the bios but after that it just wouldnt post again. So basically, for the time being how would i get my pc to post so i can try to fix everything if it can even be fixed.