BSOD 3b Error


Jan 2, 2014
I've been getting a 3b BSOD the past couple of days. There is no pattern to this at all. It will happen faster when playing games or having multiple programs open, but it will also BSOD after a few hours of idling. The BSOD happens with several .exe files from a game after a certain period of time. I can provide some dump information later on after I stop running Memtest on my desktop.

After reading some forums I decided to run Memtest86 to see if any errors come up. I ran Memtest86 with all four sticks in (16 GB) and it threw just one error. I ran it again, and the same thing happened. In order to see if a stick was bad, I tested each stick in slot 1 and they all passed. Since all of the sticks passed, I only need to use 1 stick to test each slot, correct?

I also contacted ASUS support hoping they would give me an RMA, but the guy wasn't very cooperative. He suggested reflash BIOS or reset CMOS. I'm no expert but I don't think that would do much. I've been running 16 GB of RAM for several months and this just started on Saturday.

For all who may be wondering, my board is an ASUS p8z77-V PRO with 4x4 GB G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series

UPDATE: All four slots passed individually.I'm going to run a test again with all four sticks in and see what happens.


If you add the new hardware or software recently and try uninstall them first, and try to use the PC to see you still have problem or not.
If you still have problem, try to use the Run a Startup Repair in Windows 7 ( if you use the win7) or refresh your PC ( if you use the win8/8.1)