Question BSOD Kernel 41 bugcheck 292, with volmgr 161

May 11, 2022

I have a lot of BSOD recently, WHEA uncorrectable error, and when I go into the Event Viewer, Kernel 41 with bugcheck 292 occur. Just before, there is also a volmgr 161.

I looked after the dump files, but obviously, there isn't any of it. I tried a lot of things to solve it by myself but nothing happened. I tried reinstalling Windows on my SSD, on my HDD, unplugging my HDD, unplugging my SSD, unplugging one of my RAM, update drivers, manually uninstalling them, uninstalling the chipset and reinstalling it, activate and deactivate fast boot, manually crash my pc to see if dump files can be created (it can), i'm really out of options.
My drives are clean, i tested them with crystaldisk, and my ssd is at 100% good, my hdd at 95% good.

Does anybody has any idea?

bucheck 292 (decimal )= 124 hex
very common bugcheck code.

common causes: bad overclock driver, bad overclock in bios, over heated cpu, gpu using too much power, power problems.

search for bugcheck 0x124 for a lot of suggestions on what to look for.

you can ignore kernel power error 41. it is logged on the next boot after the bugcheck to indicate that the last shutdown did not complete.

you can put your minidump file from c:\windows\minidump directory onto a cloud server, share the file for public access and post a link. Someone can take a quick look with a windows debugger and see if they can determine the problem.
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