Question BSOD Machine Check except/whea uncorrectable error bootloop

Apr 4, 2021
My Machine have all of a sudden went into these Machine Check Exception/Whea Uncorrectable error bootloop (not able to go inside windows 10)
I try the below trouble shoot steps
let it restart and boot to recover console, but halfway booting it went to Whea Uncorrectable error
I try to reseat Rams, Power, CPU and still no help
I ran crucial heath check of ssd on a different computer and ssd seems healthy
I am able to boot into bios but nothing much diagnostic can be done inside (ASROCK Z77 extreme 4)
I create boot media and try to boot with old ssd and still have same error
used boot media and try to boot with new ssd and still.......
Not sure what else I can do I suspect its either CPU or mobo......
any kindly advice will be helpful


Win 10 Master
what are specs of the PC?

WHEA = Windows Hardware Error Architecture. Its not going to stop in safe mode. That just tells me its not a driver. It can be any hardware.

Make bootable version of Prime 95 on another PC and run it to test CPU
Prime 95 bootable -

Prime 95 How to use Guide:
I would suggest Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool but there is no bootable version of it.

try making Memtest on another PC & run it on ram sticks - memtest86 on each of your ram sticks, one stick at a time, up to 4 passes. Only error count you want is 0, any higher could be cause of the BSOD. Remove/replace ram sticks with errors.