Question bsod only when i play intense game ! help

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Sep 25, 2022
hey guys i got another thread similar to this but now i notice something , so my pc have bsod only when i play games like intense for example , rocket league , pubg and almost everygame i just get bsod instantly after i launch , for example rocket leaggue literally after i launch it , i tried bully scoholorship edition on pc and no bsod works fine , gameloop is fine i can play for hours , i tried blender which im a designer , blender worked fine for 2 days and i think there is something to be rendered and it was hard for the pc i believe and it restarted , but what is more weird is rocket leauge it doesnt need that much gpu and usage i reckon , i went to to pc store to fix it he told me everything is broken , like gpu is broken psu is weak i honestly didnt believe all of that cuz there is no way everything is broken the pc wont even turn on , mother board slot is broken ( the mother board thing is cuz i changed the thermal paste last time and ram slot doesnt work in dual , so probably bent pins but anyway ) what im gonna try to do it is i want to buy a new power supply which is still a concern for me becuase if i buy it and the issue is not the power supply? then yes its a problem , but i dont know why i highly believe thats its a psu problem even tho psu is a 5 years old or abit more , i would love to hear from u guys a good advice , thanks in advance
almost forgot the bsod is ( WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR, )

cpu i7 6700k
gtx 970
mobo z170 pro gaming
ram 16 gb 3200 ( viper and team force ) i bought the viper after 2 years of having the teamforce
psu thermaltake 550w


Win 11 Master
Ok everything is working fine now , how to put the best answer