Question BSOD when using two sticks of RAM, but all is well when using only one stick ?

Apr 10, 2021
procs = ryzen 3 3200g + vega graphics
mobo = gigabyte a320m-s2h v2
ram = 16gb hyper x 2667mhz 2x8
ssd = 120gb (OS)
hdd = 500gb (applications)
psu = corsair 450w 80+ bronze

im having problem using two RAM sticks in my PC as it gives BSOD memory management, sometimes a lot specially when using browser.
but not with playing games or watching downloaded movies but sometimes yea, though almost all the time browsing(chrome) triggered it. i tried different browser but still does it.

so i test my 2 ram together using memtest and memory diagnostic it shows many errors and memory failure results.
then i tried to test it 1 ram at a time and shows no errors or memory failure on both results.

and also using only 1 ram gives no any bsod, i could play games and browse altogether which i cant in 2 ram as it will first crash browser error then if keeps browsing it will get BSOD memory management.

all my drivers are updated using iobit driver booster.
my windows are updated too
full scan anti virus also done.
temperature is ok for all no overheating.

im using my pc now with 1 ram stick only and using it very well without any bsod and errors.
though i dont know what to do with my other ram its a waste if i dont use it.

they both no errors and do well when insert only by 1.

i'll appreciate any input about the issue guys thanks in advance.


Matched set or bought separately?

Double check the settings. Make sure the values are what they are supposed to be. I'd they are a miss matched set you might need to manually assign the worst values from both.