BSOD Windows 7 Ultimate IRQL not less or equal


Dec 18, 2017
I can replicate the error and it only happens when I am restoring my iphone from an older backup.

When the restore reaches around 15%, the computer will BSOD.

I have an Asus GTX 1060 6GB, Xonar sound card and 4 sticks of 4gb Cosair Vengeance 1333hz ram.

link to the DMP:!AkjUskhHK06dg3VJC7At1u6vV00s

23/12/17 update:I have updated all my drivers to the latest possible. However, there was another crash today!AkjUskhHK06dg3VJC7At1u6vV00s
attached with the latest crash file. I realized that i had 2 usb 3.0 drivers, one from asmedia another from intel and i removed the asrock one prior to the crash. I had to reinstall the asmedia 3.0 driver else my devices in my ports would not be detected.

Also, i have been experiencing system running at 99% and will crash shortly after, i think it is due a conflict in drivers but i can't find the conflicting drivers, perhaps the minidump file will show some answers..

This driver is causing one of them iusb3xhc.sys turn driver verifier off. Your video drivers are causing another crash

I would also uninstall Asrock ram disk driver.

Update or uninstall whatever this belongs to. It's 5 yrs old FNETURPX.SYS Fnet user proxy driver or something

Update Intel Smart connect, if you use it. ISCTD.sys is 5 yrs old.

This file is 6 yrs old k57nd60a.sys Broadcom ethernet drivers

This file ScpVBus.sys is 4 yrs old DS3 drivers or something

I think the main prob is, your drivers are out of date


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